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Significant Motions Passed by Board or Club

Nov 2021 - Board raised annual dues for mailed version of monthly auction newsletter to an additional $15 from $10 to cover higher costs. The basic monthly email membership remains at $5/year.

Dec 2019 - Board moved Coin Shows to River City Community Center at 2842 Old US 231 in Lafayette starting in 2020 due to huge price increase. Show date moved to 3rd Saturday for February, May, & October shows. 9am-3pm
July 2016 - Board moving show to an upgraded facility with ample parking at the Courtyard Marriott since the Best Western closed for remodeling.  Our facility rental fee has inearly doubled and 8 foot dealer tables will be available at the new price of $35 (6ft for $35 in 2018 at new Lafayette DoubleTree)  .    . 

March 2016 - Board Changes Auction Bid Increments to speed up auctions at auctioneers discrection. (Under $1    10 cents)      ( $1 to $5     25 cents )    ( $5 to $10   50 cents )
($10 to $100     $1)          ( Over $100    $5 )

September 2015:  M. Frantz appointed  President and the Board lowered club dues to $5/yr which includes the monthly auction e-mail.  Added $10/yr fee for those wanting US postal mailing that costs club $12/year.

January 2015: J. Humburg elected president

Jan 2014 - Lafayette Coin Show Moved to Best Western Lafayette after rent was doubled..

April 8, 2011 - Board raised the Annual October Banquet speaker compensation to $100. 

June 13, 2008 - Board passed -The maximum commission on any one auction lot item is now $5.

Jan. 11, 2008 - Board Passed - Prices for Coin Show Tables will be $24 for 6 foot tables and $32 for 8 foot tables effective May 2008. (were $20 & $30).

Jan 11, 2008 - Board Passed -(Regarding Monthly Auction) Submitters will guarantee the authenticity of the items they submit for auction and must identify any item that is a "fake" or "copy". Items bought at auction may be returned up to 30 minutes after completion of the auction.

Dec 30, 2007 - New president elected, succeeding M. Frantz

Feb 9, 2007 - Board passed - An application for membership that is unsponsored will require 3 high caliber business references that are not relatives or friends. It may also necessitate that the applying member attend up to 3 month-end meetings before membership is voted on and granted.

Nov 10, 2006 - Board passed - There will be a $5 maximum commission on bullion based auction items. The board will determine if the item is bullion related when it is submitted for auction.

This is a chronological list of the most significant motions passed by the club and board members. We'll spare you the grief of having to read through the procedural motions the club votes on and passes from time to time.