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The annual club banquet is now held the week after the October Coin Show. We have a dinner with our members and their family often followed by a numismatic related presentation given by a guest speaker or club member.   All will receive a nice coin prize for attending.   
Recent Banquet History

The 2021 Carry In Banquet was held at Faith Church East on October 25th in the evening. Mark Eberhardt of Fuba Coins gave the club a coin presentation. $250 in coin prizes were awarded to the attendees andall received a silver Roosevelt dime. .

The 2020 Annual banquet was held at the Royal Grill & Supreme Buffet with only 12 attendees due to Covid 2020.  Each attendee received a BU silver quarter

The 2019 Annual banquet was held at MCL with 26 attendees. We acknowledged the friendship we have had with two members who suddenly passed away this month.  M. Frantz gave a presentation on how small business transacted business in the early to mid 1800's and how payments were much different than today.  He discussed the way small business issued credit and accepting many "odd" payments as there were many, many different ways to conduct transactions since cash, check, and credit cards were not the dominant payment methods used today.  Gold & Silver were always preferred but the buyers didn't always have them to spend.  All attendees received a BU Franklin Half

The 2018 Banquet at MCL was attended by 33 and the club listened to an informative presentation by J. Humburg on Historic Sweden Coins.

The 2017 Banquet at MCL was attended by 36 and the club listened to an informative presentation by Mark Eberhardt of Fuba Coins. Everyone received a blue envelope 40% silver dollar. He spoke on the 1935 & 1939 Nickel Double Die varities and how he has recently found them labeled as regular nickels even though their value is 50-120 times higher. He also answered many questions about the current and future state of coin collecting, coin clubs, coin customers, and how his business has adapted and expanded into the internet/digital age.

The 2016 Banquet was held at Golden Corral with 35 people receiving a Franklin Half.  J. Humburg gave a nice  presentation on "Things To Collect"  by type, year, country, group, series, etc.  A good time was had by all; including the noisy birthday party going on outside our enclosed room.

The 2015 banquet was held at Golden Corral and attended by 53 members who enjoyed a free meal, 5 door prizes, and great company in the banquet room.  The club went without a speaker this year, speeding things up.
The 2014 banquet was held at MCL and attended by 33 members who received a silver half dollar.  Neil Harris gave a nice presentation about his time at the ANA publishing the monthly magazine, the medals he designed, and the start of the ANACS grading service, and his trips to many mints around the US and the world.  He gave a riveting first hand story about the rare 1804 DuPont silver dollar that was stolen and recovered years later.   He also talked about a biography he is writing about the famous sculptor, John Sinnock, who was commissioned by Congress to redesign the purple heart medal in 1931 that is still used today. 

The 2013 banquet was held at the Teppanyaki Grill and was attended by about 30 members who enjoyed a fine dinner provided by the club.
The 2012 Banquet was held at MCL. Andi Hines gave a talk and slideshow presentation on hyperinflation and how it affects the currency with many historical examples. The 29 attendees each received a silver state quarter.
The 2011 Banquet at MCL  included a presentation by Dennis Haskett on Civil War Tokens. He talked about Patriotic tokens, Store Card tokens issued by 1450 merchants in 400 towns across 27 states, and the 25M government issued settler tokens that could make up to 1/3 of a soldiers pay to be used in a settler shop. There are about 2M tokens left for about 4000 collectors.
Most tokens are metallic with an Indian on the reverse . The concept likely came from state fairs, who gave out medals to winners. Tokens cost $7-9 per 1000 and were often given as 1 cent change in stores because pennies were being hoarded around 1859. It all started in Chicago, Cincinnati, and New York.   Merchants like drug stores, harness shops, lawyers, and undertakers would give them out for advertising in cities, mainly along the railroad and stage coach routes.   Their use as money stopped in 1864 when Congress passed a law restricting their use to "in store only" .
There are  195 Indiana tokens, mostly in cities north of Indy, including Mishawaka's Indiana Primitive Tokens for 12 merchants, which are the only tokens MANUFACTURED in Indiana by Henry Higgins.
The closest city to Lafayette with tokens is Logansport,  including tokens issued by a Gridley.  He was the son of US Navy Captain Charles Gridley who is named in the famous military quote -  "You may fire when you are ready Gridley"; which turned the US into a naval superpower in the Battle of Manila Bay when the US defeated the Spanish in 1898.   
Each of the 32 club attendees received a Silver State Proof Quarter for attending the banquet & excellent presentation.
The 2010 Banquet at MCL included a video presentation "Quest For Odyssey" involving a 200 year old shipwreck off of the Gibraltar coast involving gold and silver coins. Our speaker was club President, Bruce Schlink.  Each of the 31 attendees received 50 cents face value of silver proof coins from the early 1960's.
The 2009 Banquet at MCL included an encore narrative slide show presentation by Wendell Wolka on The History of Indiana State Bank Notes from the 1800's.  Each of the 26 attendees received 2 Silver Proof State Quarters.
The 2008  Banquet at MCL included a narrative slide show presentation by Wendell Wolka on Local Paper Money from the 1800's. Each of the 32 attendees received a 1963 BU Franklin Half Dollar
The 2007  Banquet at Ryans included a short speech and presentation by our president about the coins in his collection. Each of the 40+ attendees received a BU Franklin Half Dollar.   
The 2006 banquet at Old Country Buffett included a narrative slide show presentation by Neil Harris about his experience as part of the recovery team in the 1980's involving the famous Spanish 1622 Atocha Ship Wreck.  Each of the 52 attendees received an XF-AU Peace Dollar.

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