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Month End Meeting & Member Auction

Month End Meeting & Member Auction
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The monthly club meeting is held on the last Sunday of the month in Lafayette City Hall. VISITORS ARE WELCOME to come and talk with members, ask questions, and observe the happenings, including the monthly club coin auction. New members are always welcome and the dues are just $5 per year and juniors are free. Optional monthly mailings by USPS are $10/yr.

The meeting and auction usually lasts 2+ hours. We open with the past minutes and a Treasurer's report and then cover any old business and new business and items of interest from the members in attendance. The exciting members only coin aucton of about 200 coin lots submitted by members follows. The numismatica auctioned consists of US coins, Foreign coins, tokens, and additional numismatica in all price ranges with grades evaluated by the board. The latest monthly coin auction list can be obtained from the link above, which includes the coins grade and minimum opening bid, if any.

Most meetings involve updates and discussions about the three yearly coin shows the club hosts as they require a lot of volunteer work and preparation time by the club members.
Past Year End Prize Winners

2018 Year End Prize Winners
1st  1999 $5 Gold Am Eagle BU
2nd 1912D Lincoln Cent                                    
3rd  1954 US Proof Set                                    
4th  1935A North Africa Dollar                                    
5th  1898 Morgan Dollar                                    
6th  1856 Large Cent
7th  1937 S Buffalo Nickel

        2017 Year End Prize Winners
1st   1991 1/10 oz Eagle,            S. Pollard 
2nd  1938 D/D Buffalo Nickel      P. Shoaf 
3rd   1939 Walking Liberty Half,  T. Vandervate 
4th   1865 Two Cent Piece,         K. McMillin 
5th   1942 Walking Liberty Half,  C. Roush 
6th   50 Cent Fractional Piece,   H.Bissel 
7th   Silver Dollar                      , S. Raber.

2016 Year End Prize Winners
1st 1/10 Ounce Platinum BU
2nd 1937 Roanoke Commemorative
3rd 1943S Walking Liberty Half BU
4th 1946D Walking Liberty Half BU
5th 1881S Morgan Dollar
6th 1 oz Silver Round

2015 Year End Prize Winners
1st    1/10 Ounce Platinum        BU     J.  Humburg 
2nd  1902 O Morgan Dollar       BU     M. Frantz             
3rd   1914 D Barber Dime         BU      K. McMillin    
4th   1925 S Stone Mtn Comm  BU      P. Shoaf
5th   10 Cent Fractional Curr.   CU      C. Heffley
6th   1923 Peace Dollar            BU      J.  Humburg

2014 Year End Prize Winners
1st   2009 1/10 Ounce Gold      BU       J. Humburg
2nd  1832 Half Cent                  AU       D. Martin
3rd   1931S Lincoln Cent          Fine     B. VanMeter
4th   1884O Morgan Dollar       MS63   B. Dye
5th   1913S Buffalo Nickel T1   VF        N. Schlink
6th   1921 Morgan Dollar          BU       C. Schlink

2013 Year End Prize Winners
1st   1/10 Ounce Platinum               BU    C. Heffley
2nd  25 Cent Fractional 3rd Series Unc   S. Rayber
3rd   1878 CC Morgan Dollar          Fine   L. Devine
4th   1987 Silver Eagle                    BU     B. Woodruff
5th   1949 S Franklin Half               BU     G. Tucker
6th   1923 Peace Dollar                  BU      L. Lantz
7th   1952 S Franklin Half               BU      L. Devine
2012 Year End Prize Winners
1st  1913 $2.50 Gold Indian       XF/AU  B. Schlink
2nd 1921 Peace Dollar              AU        J. Lewis
3rd  1925 S Buffalo Nickel          VF        P. Shoaf
4th  1935 Walking Liberty Half   MS63   M. Frantz
5th  1949 D Franklin Half           MS63   C. Redden
6th  1924 Peace Dollar              BU       J. Humburg
2011 Year End Prize Winners
1st  1/10 Ounce Platinum             BU         L. Lantz
2nd 1897 S Morgan Dollar           MS63     N. Schlink
3rd  1921 S Buffalo Nickel            VG         S. Hurt
4th  1870 Indian Head Cent           G          M. Preuss
5th  1916 D Walking Liberty Half   VG        C. Eikenberry
6th  1863 Civil War Token                          R. Novak
7th  Common Morgan Dollar                      M. Whittaker
2010 Year End Door Prize Winners
1st   1908 $2.50 Gold Indian (Qtr. Eagle)            M. Frantz 
2nd  1880 O Morgan Dollar                MS62        A. Schlink
3rd   2004 Lewis & Clark Silver Dollar Proof        H. Pettit
4th   2008 Bald Eage Comm. Dollar    Proof        D. Wolever         
5th   1937 S Buffalo Nickel                 MS63        K. Reddin
2009 Year End Door Prize Winners
1st   1929 $2.50 Gold Indian (Qtr. Eagle) XF       D. Martin
2nd  1878 CC Morgan Dollar                   XF       G. Emerick
3rd   1864 Two Cent (Large Motto) Red/Brown   C. Redden
4th   2004 Lewis & Clark Silver Dollar w/Pouch   M. Whittaker
5th   1935 Mercury Dime                      MS64+    C. McCorkle
2008 Year End Door Prize Winners
1st  1856 $2.50 Gold Coronet (Qtr.Eagle)  XF     D. Martin
2nd 1948 Mexico Gold 2 1/2 Peso             BU     C. Kallner
3rd  1883 O Morgan Dollar                       MS63  P. Shoaf
4th  1949 S Roosevelt Dime                      BU     B. Schlink
5th  1948 Franklin Half (FBL)                     BU     V. Marshall